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How to create a blog site while in the university or college

Now you are in the college, you have interest and hobby and you are interested in sharing them during your leisure time, the best way is via blogging thus the need for you to read about how to create a blog site. Blogging is fun, especially when done for the fun, with inspiration and with you loving what you are doing. A blog does not have to have the best look and it might have the best look it all depend on what your taste is and the level you target for your blogging. However, you will need to start somewhere to start blogging. We will introduce you to how to create a blog site and the information you need to be the best blogger you have ever dream of.

Remember blogging is interesting when you love doing it especially when you write about what you love doing, for example, some students love photography, thus they blog their creative photos. If you love gardening, why not write about your experience. If you love politics, write about it. If you love clothes and jewellery, you can also blog about that. If you know a lot about school socials, your blog could be the best avenue and information site for students in need of social event information. Just start blogging. Start reading how to create a blog site.  Apart from writing for passion, you can use blogging to promote your business, make money depending on what your plan is.

How to create a blog site while in the university or college
How to create a blog site while in the university or college

In this present age, blogging has been made easier by the availability of blogging platforms such as blogger, WIX,, etc. compare to the earlier period where only computer software engineers can do or build blog due to the coding involved. Then you need to be skilful in HTML, CSS and PHP.

On this page, we shall lead you through how to create a blog site so that you can start blogging your motivation, inspiration and information. This information on how to create a blog site was written to help especially college and university students set up the best blog. If you have any question later on, please post it as a comment and in due time you will get an answer.

How much time will I need to invest in blogging?

Blogging is very simple and could take the least of your study or studentship time. You can blog during your break within classes, you can blog when you get inspiration. Blogging has been made easy by the invention of Wi-FI, you can blog in the restaurant, when shopping, depending on how and when you get the inspiration. I found it best for me blogging when I have a break, because I am loaded with ideas and more relax.

How much will blogging cost me?

It depend on your plan , do you want to have control over your blog then go for the paid version. However, it is still cheaper than you think.

If you just want something casual you can start with the free platforms such as free Wix, blogger, etc.

For the paid platform, the version could cost you up to $10 per month. However, $10 doesn’t really sound expensive, especially when you can by a subway from it for lunch, which means you spare a subway for a lunch to pay for your blog for the month. That is not bad. Remember your blog could get you millions, your blog is an exposition of your talent, inspiration and hobby. People make money from blogging and you could be one.

For a personal and customers blog and with your own brand, you will need to also pay for a domain name ( A domain name will cost around $1-11/year depending on the company selling and if domains are on sale.

Also, you will need to pay for website hosting which is usually around $5-$19/month or more.  Our advice is that as a college student, blogging could cost you your Hungry jack lunch meal for at most three days, however, you will get the best satisfaction and fulfilment when you start getting your opinion out to the millions.

Can I make money from blogging as a college student?

Apart from spending a little money on setting up your blog, you can also make money back from your blog. As a blogger, you can make from few tens, hundreds of dollars as a starter and to few thousands of dollars when your blog becomes well known. In short, you need to start somewhere and input/plan what you want for the blog and from the blog in the long run. To make money from your blog, you can advertise for people, sell ads space, and join allied monetization companies like Amazon to make more money.

Although your intention might not be to make money, it is fine to do that, you can make your blog for non-profit, it is your blog. For example, there are many blogs on spiritual stuff that doesn’t advertise or write for monetary gain.

What Blogging Platform should I use?

The most popular blogging platform is WordPress, however, there are two types, one is .com and the other is .org. is like blogger and you can start blogging by creating an account with them free, it is highly monitored and you can not put ads on it free account. Within 2 minutes you can get your account and blog and all setup. However, with, you need a domain, website host and installation of the application, plugins, themes and which has been made easier by available technology. There is few web host out there that can be used including Hostgator, Godaddy etc. When you visit their website, you can set up your customised blog for word in few minutes.

We love WordPress, however, we do a blog on other platforms such as Joomla. Another good thing about is that you can easily get help when you are stuck because million uses the platform to blog. You can also advertise on this platform. Lastly, you are in charge, you control what you post and how your blog looks like.

Why do bloggers choose WordPress?

There are millions of website build on because it is easy to manage, there are a lot of free stuff and plugging, themes, all with top-quality. In addition, WordPress also have a lot of amazing resources to help you. This website ( also run on WordPress.

Why free blogging platform is not really a free platform!!

Although as a student you are looking for freebies, however with blogging you might want to think twice before investing your time in free blogging platforms because:

Less or no control on blogging – When you create a free blog, your blog is being hosted by another website (e.g.,,, You cannot put adds or customise by adding some codes, they have strict rules and if you violate their terms of service you will be shut down. No matter how much you have invested in them they can shut down your blog any time because they are providing you with free service and you signed an agreement before you could create a free platform.

Less or no customization freedom – with the free platforms, you are limited to little free applications, and you cannot import codes to make your website better. You have to answer to their calls.

Space limitations – with some free platform you have limited space of only 3GB for blogging, thus when you exhaust this, you are lockout or compel to buy a paid package with them which means you are in a tight corner, you can’t make the best decision because you have invested so much in them.

Less help: With this free platform, you will get no help from the admin if you get stuck or have tampered with your website. It might become a much problem creating a free website blog.

In conclusion, do not create a free blog, especially if you have a long-term plan. With a paid platform you can have your own customised and professional domain name.

How to create a blog site: choose a Domain Name!

Many of the paid platforms have apps that can help create a domain name. Make sure your domain creates the best and first impression for your website visitors. The name must define your brand. The name must be concise., easy to type and pronounce.

How to create a blog site: get Web Hosting company for your domain.

Usually, it is advisable for a starter to use the same company where you bought your domain as a host so that you can get started and save yourself the problem of linking web host with your domain because you want to save money. This involves some experience and reading. However, if you have the time, it could save you money. When choosing a web host, choose reliability, fast and with good customer service.  Thus you might need to read people review for different web host before investing in a web host. Sometimes, cheap web host doesn’t deliver the best service because of too much pressure from many customers. Many cheap hosts overuse servers thus provide the worst experience.

Once you are in, start blogging, start inspiring. If you need further help, write a comment and we will be glad to help in due time. writingOnline marketingAcademic Health,Online marketingHow to create a blog site while in the university or college Now you are in the college, you have interest and hobby and you are interested in sharing them during your leisure time, the best way is via blogging thus the need for you to read about how to...We serve the Africans with prestigious scholarships

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