Scholarship Essay Contest by scholarship Group

Scholarship-group and partners main goal is to make students enjoy their student life, thus the Scholarship Essay Contest. The scholarship-group want to hear from the talented young men and women out there. Thus scholarship group invite all upcoming and professional writers to take part in scholarship-group Scholarship Essay Contest! If you feel like your composition and creativity is worth more than just for your eyes, then share it, get it to the world and get rewarded for it!

Scholarship-group team of editors will choose all best essays, publish them and it is left for the writers, readers and the world to choose the best by vote. For every comment, share via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, there is a vote. The more the share the more the vote.


1st place will receive $100 worth of prize, others will receive a certificate of participation and recognition from some of the best academic writers!  Remember all good essay will be published on one of the scholarship-group and partners websites including the

Scholarship Essay Contest by scholarship-group
Scholarship Essay Contest by


All works should be submitted by 23:59 PM, April 30th, 2017. However, do not wait till the closure, because the winner is chosen by vote. The earlier you submit, the earlier you can start sharing, encourage the reader to share, the higher the possibility of getting larger votes.

Guidelines: Basic Scholarship Essay Contest format.

Works should be 750-1500 words. Plagiarism is not allowed; all document will be checked for plagiarism. Also, essays should only be written in English, but application and submission of the essay are not limited by age, race, location and country. All essay should be in a Microsoft Word document format. You can include images in your work, especially if they illustrate your creativity and original ideas. However, this images must be yours, taken by you.

How to enter the contest

To enter the Scholarship Essay Contest, you need to send your essay to admin (at) For more information, please visit the Scholarship Essay Contest page on

Good luck!

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